Welcome to a New Life

Dr Tunbridge is now consulting directly opposite Stirling Hospital at:

27 Milan Tce
Stirling, SA 5152
Ph: 8339 1222
Fax: 8339 7222

Please note you may now e-mail for RESULTS ONLY, I cannot give medical advice over this unsecure means of communication. Requests for repeat prescriptions are ok, please email: patientresults@tunbridge.org for all communication.

Available now for download is: Dr Tunbridge's Weight Loss Diet in PDF format. Grab your copy now, print it out and lose that unwanted weight, all in just six weeks.

Dr Peter Tunbridge is a General Practitioner who has a special interest in natural hormone replacement and metabolic medicine. Before he studied Medicine he graduated from the University of Adelaide in Science and worked as a scientist at the Institute of Medical and Veterinary Science.

His main areas of interest are in high Oestrogen states and MTHFR gene mutations, and the metabolic syndrome. He lectures both nationally and internationally and has studied physics at university level. Recently he has put forward a new theory that explains the previously unexplained relationship of how gravity relates to quantum mechanics.

He has combined this physics theory with his knowledge of biochemistry and medicine and is publishing a Trilogy called “The Human Code“ which will revolutionize the understanding and practice of clinical medicine (see The Books page for more information). He is committed to reducing the epidemic of obesity, diabetes, hypertension, arthritis and depression that is rampant not only on our adult population but in our children as well.

Recently a surge of interest has begun around the work of Dr Tunbridge and he has been seen on Today Tonight and presenting several papers at international conferences. For information around Folinic Acid and answers to common questions please see the new FAQ Section.